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Our exclusive line of Quality saddle pads called * OLD WORLD * Known for luxurious velvet and tapestry saddlepads. All pads are hand crafted in very small numbers, most being
one-of-a-kind creations. Lush, top quality materials are carefully chosen, then hand cut and sewn with the workmanship and attention to detail their customers have appreciated since 1999. *OLD WORLD* saddlepads are made of upholstery velvets, chenilles,wovens and tapestries, all of which wash remarkably well and are very durable. Pads are wool backed because the natural fibers breath , wick moisture, dry efficiently and with proper care, are very long lasting. All of *OLD WORLD* pieces are made to last and each making its own statement.
Their saddle pads (with a few exceptions) as well as their boots are machine washable in cold water on gentle cycle using a mild detergent. They should be hung to dry out of the sun, reshaping by hand as needed; although some materials, such as velvet, benefit from a brief spin in the dryer on COOL air while still damp. Each Pad's dimensions are displayed as Topline x Depth.