Terms and Conditions for Returns/Exchanges

Every article can be returned in a period no longer than 7 days from the date of receiving merchandise.

On all return merchandise, a 15% restocking fee will be applied, the balance due on the merchandise will be applied on store credit.

An exchange is also accepted only if the article is in the new condition it was received. Clothing purchases are non refundable, only exchange.

All return merchandise will need to be in their original container and in new condition.
Saddle purchases will be able to try and fi t saddle for a period of 7 days from date of receiving merchandise. If the saddle needs to be exchanged for different size
or different model, there will be no restocking fee. All returned saddles will need to be in their new condition and it is the entire responsibility of the customer to
protect the saddle during try and fit.

Any damage to the saddle and fi ttings will be assessed and charged to the customer. A saddle that is returned due to fi t will be refunded, less the shipping charges.