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Used for centuries by equitation masters, these horse tail corsets are great for binding up the tails for Airs Above the Ground, Long Lining, Driving. The perfect aid, old Baroque method of keeping your horse's tail from getting tangled in long lines or being stepped on. These tail corsets are meant to be used during training only, they are not meant to be worn 24/7.
High quality leather, brass or silver hardware available and parachute cord. Many cord color and leather options available. We will need your horse's tail bone measure. Please measure your horse's tail bone tightly at the widest point where the tail corset will sit. 

Check out easy step by step instructional video on how to put on a horse tail corset.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at or call / text us at (305) 812-5359
Tail Corset Distinto - El Sueno Espanol
Tail Corset Distinto
  • $40.00
Tail Corset ~ Celtic Flower~ - El Sueno Espanol
Tail Corset - Celtic Flower
  • $60.00
Tail Corset ~ Baroque~ - El Sueno Espanol
Tail Corset - Baroque
  • $60.00
Tail Corset - Unicorn
  • From $40.00